dijous, 14 d’octubre de 2010

Bolero caribeño nº 13

qué te crees que no me gustaría a mi ver esta cara tan preciosa que tienes


y a lo mejor si hace calor estas con poca ropa y te veo esta piel de un color tan maravillosos que dios te ha dado

gracias amigo eres muy tierno

te digo siempre lo que pienso, no es por halagarte es que necesito decírtelo


pues te diría que me gustaría poner mis labios en tus mejillas y recorrer el rostro hasta llegar a la comisura de tus labios

y que allí me quedaría respirando tu aroma con mis labios sobre los tuyos

mmmmmmmmmm pero que poeta eres

y mordería el labio de abajo para hacer paso a la puntita de la lengua,

de mi lengua que desea entrar en tu boca

para robarte el beso más sensual y mas bello que hayas recibido en tu vida

tus brazos me están apretando hasta hacerme casi daño

pero me gusta

sentirte tan cerca

tan pegado a mi

ya soy todo tuyo

a partir de aquí haz lo que quieras

que sensualidad cariño casi me mojas

piensa es de noche

estoy en el silencio de la casa dormida

y tengo tu rostro que me esta mirando fijamente a los ojos

no puedo decir más

dimecres, 13 d’octubre de 2010

Your face inspires me confidence.

Dear A.,

I understand that you work very hard and if you do not answer my mails is not because you want to cut our weak and new friendship relation but because you are tired and prefer to answer me later, do not feel worried about that, I have all the time of the world for me you are a young man starting life and career in a city very far from your loved L.

First of all I need that you know that the three pictures you send me are very important for me because often I see them and I can appreciate your loving face of a very good person, I do not know if any day we can be together, skin touching skin, kissing each other but what I want you know is that I will be pleased to maintain writing contact with you as I like you as a friend. Your face inspires me confidence.

I need to explain some intimate facts of my life that were not completely explained in my first long message, that message was for you to know my activities during the week and my way of thinking and acting as my blogs are a kind of diaries that reflect perfectly my person.

Since 24 years I have a mate that now is husband by Spanish law that live with me he is 47 and is my best comrade, brother and friend but very seldom there is sex activities because the passion was finished many years ago and we accepted the reality and after a very serious discussion we decide to keep our brotherhood intact and solve the sexual problem by our own. Most of the times this solution took place in baths, saunas or similarly places.

Last month of June a friend of mine in M., a very good writer, told me by causality about the webs for daddies and younger admirers, and I put my add the first week of July and since that day my life changed considerably as I could not imagine that my old body can be interesting for anybody. The results show me that I was wrong because there is a lot of young men that are interested in persons like me.

I needed explain all this to you because if any time you come to Barcelona to visit me you will know that in my home lives another man that will be pleased like me to have you as a guest.

I prefer to speak very clear since the beginning to you and you can have from me what you want from friendship to loving sex or nothing but tell me freely and sincerely as I talk to you.

Kisses from Barcelona and Sitges